Dave Rogan was raised on a 30,000 acre property (Yulgilbar) west of Casino & Grafton. Always having a keen interest in leather work he learnt how to carve leather and plait at an early age. On completion of his schooling Dave entered into a saddlery apprenticeship in 1973. During this time he travelled to rodeos all through New South Wales And Queensland

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Here at Dave Rogan Saddlery Casino Australia we specialise in making custom made saddles and equipment for horses and there riders. The saddles and gear we make are for the man who works in it all day to the competitor of the highest calibre. Our custom made saddles cover the sports of campdrafting, cutting, Polocrosse, team penning, reining, Australian stock horse working classes, trail riding, Pleasure riding and other horse riding activities.

We have developed our saddles over the last 30 years through experience of riding in them our selves and listening to what our customers need in there saddles. This is why we custom build our saddles one at a time to accommodate your requirement depending on what you do and the type of horses you have.

As our names are on every saddle that leave the shop we make sure that it is of the highest quality made from the best leather available at the time to make that type of saddle.

As a custom saddle maker our web site is basically a photo gallery of some of what we have made to give you some idea of what can be done, so don’t be afraid to ask because if you don’t ask you never know what the answer may be.

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Our saddle pads are imported directly from the USA. I found them on my trip to visit our son in Oklahoma. The pads are made by Toklat and he has found them to be very presentable and durable . Micro suede saddle pad has a great back bone shape allowing for high withered horses they come in 2 shapes and a variety of colours.

Our chaps are individually designed to work for you here are a small selection of our custom made chaps for you to look at here.


About our Friends.. A few pictures of our Family & Friends.

Dave Rogan Saddles

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Our Western saddles are created using a traditional rawhide covered tree giving us the freedom of being able to customize our saddle to you and your horses requirement. The alterations we can make are endless,the width of the tree comes in


The Australian Stock Saddle made from the best of materials available.


The Fender Saddle This saddle is made on a Rawhide covered tree so we can individualise this to your requirements. The width for your horse comes in 5 basic width to cover stock horses through to heavy Quarter horses. Seat length, Cantle Height can be varied to what you want, we have 2 main front ends, one is a younger horse saddle that you can get under and is a bit higher, the other is lower and more like the tradional stock saddle


Saddles in stock and for sale now.

Dave Rogan Saddlery



Each saddle is fully custom build to your requirements. We have 3 flap shapes for each size, the one we use is determined by how your leg lies naturally, wether it be forward, centre or back. Knee pads are individually made to what you wish ,that is ride young horses or more for the show ring and if you can get to us we will position this against your leg in your natural position to give support but not be in your road, but if you can’t get to us we can get it close by talking to you.


Dave Rogan Fender saddles are made on raw hide covered trees so we can make the small differences that individualise your saddle. Our trees come in 5 difference widths to accommodate your type of horse. Seat length, canlte height can also be varied. We have to 2 different front ends, one is for young horses so you can get under your knee pads the second one is a bit lower more like the traditional Australian stock saddle. There are also a number of different knee pad shapes.All our fender saddles are made from 1st grade herman Oak leather.


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For assistance and guidance with all your saddlery needs , just complete the details in the box below and we will contact you to attend to your saddle needs.


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